Sneak Peek into Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 #TFPW2015

With the excitement mounting for spring/summer, FPW is going to take place to show what trends, cuts and colours designers are going to set for the season. This year FPW is more bigger and better and will be bringing many new things on the ramp. The Fashion Pakistan Council is full of potential and this council provides a unique platform to the designers to showcase their collections and esthetic for the world to see. Splus exclusively talks to some of the council members like Deepak Perwani, Wardha Saleem and Sanam Chaudhri to know what they have planned for the coming fashion week and what we should be looking forward too.

Sneak Peek into FPW-Deepak-Perwani-TFPW2015

Deepak Perwani

What are you looking forward to experience in next fashion week season?

We are looking forward to show a fantastic collection at the Fashion Pakistan week. The fashion Pakistan Fashion week is growing year after year and has become the best platform in the country for the designers to show and we are looking forward to this year season spring/summer.

What are those parameters for the designers to participate in FPW?

We tend to look at designers portfolios. We tend to look at their finishing weather the designer has a standing power to show a fantastic collection year after year after year. There’s something we have learnt Internationally, that it is very important for a designer to regulate themselves and to show for spring/summer and fall/winter to be able to taken seriously as a fashion designer.

What are those elements, which are making Pakistan an eminent fashion industry?

I think Pakistan is very International as far as design philosophy is concerned and it’s in trend with the foreign market. Also what makes Pakistan a very interesting market that the world is curious about is the Pakistani fashion. The world is looking up to us, as they saw the Paris collections this and last year and they saw that influence of the Pakistani Kurta shalwar is very eminent and very prominent. So Pakistani fashion is there to be seen by the world and it probably might be a new inspirations for International designers very soon.

What are your expectations from buyers and vice-versa?

Buyers tend to look at not just trends but also the designer,if has the power of not to convince the buyer. They tend to look at the finishing’s, cost of fabric and the right price and a lot of controls that come in. And you expect the same thing from the buyer that the buyer will do justice to your product, have it in the right stores and take your brand where it requires to go.

What you have planned to showcase on ramp this summer’s? What colors will be in this year for spring and summers?

We are showing a very beautiful collection based on the women of today, the collection is called La Dolce Vita .The colors that we have kept in mind are all kinds we have reds and maroons, peaches and creams and yellows so we are going out all color as it has always been the trademark of our D philosophy label.

Sneak Peek into FPW-Sanam Chaudhri-TFPW2015

Sanam Chaudhri

As a Chairperson of the council what is the one big change you would like to bring in fashion industry

Unity within the Pakistani fashion fraternity.

What are you looking forward to experience in next fashion week season?

Positive energy. Good fashion. Chic dressers. And less drama with the frowers

What are those parameters for the designers to participate in FPW?

Any designer is welcome to participate at FPW, provided they present the editing committee with a creative, cohesive and ramp worthy collection.

What are those elements, which are making Pakistan an eminent fashion industry?

Our versatility and cultural uniqueness

Sneak Peek into FPW-WardhaSaleem-TFPW2015

Wardha Saleem

What new things council will be bringing in the coming fashion week ?

This Fashion Week will come with exciting and strategic collaborations. With telenor as our title partner, we are working together to make this event very tech savvy and are exploring different technologies to make Fashion Week exciting and accessible. Maybelline being our official make-up partner will be doing daily exciting newsletters and bring international best practices to the backstage. Bank Alfalah will continue to support the upcoming talent through its rising talent platform. We are also collaborating with local and international media for event coverage. This season, expect some big international names form the industry attending the fashion week.

What is your present priority and challenges as a C.E.O of the council?

My present priority is this fashion week and how it translates with exceptional pre on-event and post hype.

As the CEO, my challenges are to ensure the international media presence, timely and smooth execution of the event, maximum coverage for participating designers and making most of the collaborations.

What goals and strategies you have set for 2015?

2015 is an important year for Fashion Pakistan. There will be more events beside fashion weeks and more associations to facilitate and benefit the designers which makes business sense.

Your success mantras ….

Work hard / smart and focused attitude.

What are those parameters for the designers to participate in FPW?

Fashion Pakistan puts the best of fashion industry forward. With many big and established names on our platform, we also ensure to include young and upcoming designers to showcase their collections for which they always go through an editing process.


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