Slamming back all the haters, Iqra Aziz defended her beau Yasir Hussain in cutest way!

Never underestimate the power of true love, when the time comes it speaks so loudly that it can turn down any negativity. Iqra Aziz has an on spot answer for all the haters who are criticizing them showing their love at an event in front of cameras over proposal. She posted a picture of a ring and captioned it this way to let the hates know she isn’t listening! 

“This joy of mine is so huge that good wishes and prayers are the only things that I can hear. Love is to express, not to impress,” wrote Iqra. “My man expressed his love in front of the world which takes a lot of guts and I am blissful you’re my ZING.” “To whom it may concern: If a girl, during her proposal, chooses to enjoy the moment with laughter instead of shedding tears, one is not supposed to say that all of this was planned.” She told people not to rain on her parade and wait for their own happy days to come instead. 

Iqra also bagged the Best Actress Viewer’s Choice and Best Actress Critics Choice for Suno Chanda at the Lux Style Awards 2019.

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