Singer Asim Azhar’s new song “Tum Tum” is making waves on social media!

Most anticipated song by singer Asim Azhar “Tum Tum”is out yesterday and is rounding the social media due to it’s quirky beat and groovy music. Collaborated with many young artists including Shamoon Ismail, Raamis as well as Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus of Young Stunners fame. Asim azhar stated it to be the biggest collaboration of the year featuring Tik toker Areeka Haq as a female lead.

The song revolves around the basic girl’s problems and how in today’s era, girls are more prone to date a guy with money and swoon over expensive gifts rather than love. Hania Aamir gives us a disclaimer about what to expect as she says, ‘Jab ek baar insaan pyaar mein parh jaen naa tou ghalat bhi sahi lagne lagta ha… aur sahi tou kuch rehta hi nahi ha boss [When a man falls in love, everything wrong appears right and the concept of right cease to exist]’. Digging into the realities of real world and superficial passions of teenagers, the song illustrates much more than just an entertainment. The video has special appearances by Hania Aamir, Asad Siddiqui, Mooroo. Accentuating the matter of gold-diggers and how they use boys for their own beneficiaries, we hope that the singer would again come up with something related to “male Gaze”

The Tum Tum music video has garnered over 160,000 likes on YouTube in just 3 hours of its release and the counter keeps rising. Many people are criticizing such blunt way of saying it all but many are appreciating the song as we can all relate to it. People also criticized Asim Azhar for featuring famed Tik Toker Areeka Haq in the video. Many celebrities stood up for her and slammed down the hater.

Hoping to see Areeka Haq in next ventures as well!

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