Shahid Kapoor and Harman avoid each other at a party

Long ago, Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Harman Baweja used to be close buddies, however, things took 360 degree turn when Harman’s ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra started dating Shahid Kapoor.

Now that Shahid too has reportedly turned into one of PC’s exes, industry insiders were expecting a re-union; however, no such thing happened when recently both actors met at a party, where they tried their best to avoid each other.

“Almost everybody was looking at them to see their reactions towards each other,” revealed an eye-witness at Jay Shewakramani’s (mutual friend of both actors) birthday party.

An eye-witness added, “One kept wondering if they would get into a conversation and if so, what would transpire consequently.”

However, to everyone’s utter disappointment, none of them reportedly did not even try to say a polite “hello” to the other. It seemed like they had already made up their mind that they will not be talking.

Apparently, there was a time when Shahid-Kareena and Harman-Priyanka used to hang out together with their dates.

No place to run?
Shahid and Harman had made up their mind that they will not be interacting with each other, but as per another eye-witness at the party, playing “hide-n-seek” was not easy as it was a terrace party and neither had the option to move to another enclosure.

However, even then Shahid and Harman did their best and stayed out of each other’s way.

“If Shahid was at one end of the terrace, Harman would consciously remain at the other end. If Shahid moved towards the other end, then Harman would move over to the opposite side,” added eye-witness.

PC and Shahid’s affair rumors had surfaced when they were filming for ‘Kaminey’ and at that time Harman had openly spoken about his feelings of a broken heart.

No one’s commenting?
When contacted, both the actors stayed unavailable for comment, though, Jay Shewakramani, who was responsible for bringing together both actors, said that as far as he knows Shahid and Harman did exchange pleasantries.

One wonders why Jay had invited them when everyone knows about troubled relation. On this Jay said, “Both are my friends, and they are equally close to me.”

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