Shahbano Exclusive Interview with Ebuzztoday

Q) This year is your debut in the lawn market. How did you decide you wanted to enter this extremely competitive business?

Well, the sole inspiration to jumping into this Lawn saga was basically my fascination and love for the colors, patterns, the artistic yet soulful nature of seasons and the sparkling meanings that they portray. The geometrical patterns, tropical trance, and floral textures floating in my mind mesmerized me to dip my toes into an entire different world of Shahbano Lawn, which is a roar of my ideas and aspirations for the profound and trendy clothing.

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Q) How has the collaboration with Bashir Ahmad been?

Its been a truly outstanding experience with Bashir Ahmad Textiles. They encouraged me by giving freedom to play with my imaginations of patterns and putting them on my first ever Lawn collection. It is worth mentioning here that they took care of the manufacturing and quality of the articles to deliver superior products to the valued customers.

Q) How has the response been so far?

It is an honor for me to verbalize that the first collection of Shahbano Lawn by Bashir Ahmed has become a huge success as it took over the mainstream lawn brands by being all sold out in the first few weeks of the official launch.

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Q) What were you doing before you came up with your own brand?

I had worked with several textile brands that are famous and well reputed at the same time, before entering into my own collection of lawn.

Q) If and when should we expect Shahbano Lawn Volume II?

Since I hold no intentions of slowing down so the project for Shahbano Lawn Volume II is in the pipeline. Do expect another exclusive and classic Shahbano lawn collection by August of the current year.

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Q) As a working woman in Pakistani society, what kind of challenges did you have to face?

The road to step into a brand new Lawn collection was not easy at all and especially being a women, a wife and a mother, it took a lot of efforts to manage hundreds of things in one go. However, throughout this all phase, one thing that I have learned is that if a women believes in her abilities and concentrate on a goal in mind, things become easier to achieve. It doesn’t matter what kind of challenges are there but what matters is your reaction towards them.

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