Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t the only one I defended: Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 6 contestant Imam Sidique recently got into a heated arguement with the show host Salman Khan. The incident provoked Salman Khan to go on a defensive for Shah Rukh Khan, creating a lot of buzz. Bollywood actor Salman Khan, however, feels that the issue is being blown out of proportions. When asked about his sudden outburst in favour of Shah Rukh Khan, the actor said: “We work really hard in this industry to become who we are today. There is a difference between what is true and what is not! I just stood by the truth. I also did mention the same about Preity Zinta. I wonder why people are not talking about that!”
As Bigg Boss 6 comes to its grand finale on January 12, Salman Khan looks back and says how different was this season, since the tagline for this season is Alag Che (It’s Different).

Salman Khan said. “The Bigg boss tour etc was designed for the authentic Bigg Boss fan to get a glimpse of how the show works. The other ‘Alag che’ elements have kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. And as a viewer I’ve liked most of the elements introduced so far.”

“I enjoy my work so it has been wonderful. I think it has been a parivarik show to quite an extent. Sometimes the contestants go over board since they have no phone, watch etc, so they tend to get irritated. This time has been far better than the previous few seasons in terms of abusive language, and violent behavior. All these things happen but people can make a big deal of small issues and portray it differently like Imam has done a few times,” he added.

Talking about his balanced behaviour as the host for the show, Salman Khan said, “If people become over friendly then some people think it’s boring but then similarly if the show gets violent due to circumstances, it is not easy to control individual emotions from outside. Generally, the younger generation loves the fights and the older generation doesn’t. A show with a format like this is hard to control and predict.”
Salman Khan said he watches every episode of Bigg Boss 6. As a  viewwer, Salman Khan suggests that the contestants need to be careful about how they behave. “Like on the show, Imam and Sapna are entertaining but if he/she has to find a job, will they be liked by employers? That’s where they need to take a call sometimes,” Salman Khan said.


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