Shaan Shahid replied to Javed Akhtar’s recent tweet!

Following the Pulwana terror attack, various controversial statements have surfaced in the last few days. One such statement came from Bollywood veteran Javed Akhtar yesterday who cancelled his visit to Pakistan following the Pulwana attack in Kashmir. Replying to his tweet, the Arth star Shaan condemned the decision and requested him to write a poem on Kashmir.

Javed Akhtar was supposed to come to Pakistan to attend the Kaifi Azmi festival along with his wife Shabana Azmi. The festival will be held on 23rd and 24th February at Karachi Arts Council to pay tribute to Kaifi Azmi, father of Shabana Azmi who was also a celebrated poet. Many other personalities from India were also invited to attend the event.

Taking to twitter yesterday, Javed Akhtar announced that he and his wife will not be attending the two-day event they had planned to attend. “Karachi Art Council had invited Shabana and me for a two-day literature conference about Kaifi Azmi and his poetry. We have cancelled that,” he wrote.

Javed Akhter and Shabana Azmi had confirmed of visiting Pakistan for the conference but, after the Pulwana attack, they changed their decision. In response to this tweet, Shaan Shahid said that this was actually a good time to come to Pakistan and show trust and friendship. He also said that Pakistan had nothing to do with the attack and that the loss of human lives was tragi

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