Shaan Shahid made a U-turn: Praising Dirilis Ertugrul’s content!

Actor Shaan Shahid took to his twitter and praised the well-presented content in Dirilis Ertugrul as he watched the series on Netflix. He praised everyone in drama, from technicians to actors, he praised and showed his love for the Turkish series. Prior to this, the actor has criticized the on-airing of Dirilis Ertugrul on National tv channel.

When twitterattis reposted his prior tweet regarding the Turkish content he clarified that he was against the channel on-airing the Turkish content rather than Pakistani content;

“My tweet was against the state channel for not producing any content in the past 25 years and taking billions from us – never against the play. But in the past few weeks what I learned about all of us from social media was that we all tested positive for hatred,” remarked Shaan.

“We are ready to hate each other for no reason. We are filled with rage and in that rage we construct a different meaning. A meaning that gives us the right to exercise our rage on others, a justification to one’s justified hatred.”

 This is what he stated lately;

Shaan had also pointed out how much PTV charged for airing a show that was already available on Netflix. He wrote, “PTV charged 7 billion a year to show us a product that’s already available on Netflix.”

Many twitteratis reacted to his present statement and shared their views regarding the U-turn of actor Shaan Shahid. This is what twitterattis stated;

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Bewaja ki behes krny sy pehly hi dekh letay series!Smirking face “I didn’t watch and have been long endorsing your statements, now what I gonna tell them all, I’m worried, isn’t it a U-Turn man?” asked a user

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