A sensationl drama series “Haiwan ‘’ that depicts parental role in protecting children from wicked society!

In the present day and age, dramas have gone beyond the boundaries of entertainment by highlighting socially relevant causes. Writers and directors are actively pursuing themes which not only address societal taboos but also give a reality check to the viewers. Recent dramas like Akhri Station and Meri Guriya were very well-received by local and international populace and their success has certainly encouraged other to follow suit.

Unknown about the fact that negligence towards their children would eventually lead to degradedness as many of the threats are lurking around the child every time so through the subject of the drama we can talk abpout the true but harsh realities of society and get hurt from even the people we trust i.e. relatives, friends and neighbours.

By the looks of the teasers, Haiwan is the story of a family comprising Faysal Quraishi and Savera Nadeem living with their two daughters — one of whom is played by Sanam Chaudhary. The father asks his daughters to be aware of their surroundings and keeps blaming his wife for not staying cautious. Misery soon dawns upon them and few unfortunate occurrences ruin the fabric of their life leading to hue and cry.

“We first started portraying taboo subjects with drama serial Roag [back in 2012] and since then our motto is to provide quality entertainment which also creates social awareness, especially after what has been happening to the children in our country. Our campaign is about #MyChildMyResponsibility which basically means that parents should be protective and vigilant about their child’s safety. We somehow assume that our family members, relatives or neighbours will take good care of them, but it is the parents’ responsibility first and foremost to be watchful,” Jerjees Seja Ceo of Ary Digital elaborated.

He added  as accounted by Cruel Numbers 2018. “mishap can be of any type; it is not limited to abuse. It can be an accident or anything else.” One of the posters of the play mentions that “12 cases of child abuse are reported every day in Pakistan,”

Directed by Syed Mazhar Moinfirst episode of Haiwan would be On air on 10th Oct 2018  only on ary digital.

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