Seher Tareen: Studio S set to showcase Luxury/Pret collection “Neo Nouveau” inspired by the Art Nouveau Movement of the early twentieth century

The luxury prêt collection 2014 by Studio S is titled Neo Nouveau. It finds inspiration in the Art Nouveau Movement of the early twentieth century and specifically in the select work of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Klimt was a prominent Art Nouveau painter with an artistic style based on curved lines and natural forms, with a focus on the female body. Klimt’s iconic painting ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Lady with a Fan’ are both featured in the collection in the form of figures that have been hand embroidered on statement pieces such as jackets and dresses.

The Neo Nouveau ready to wear line is an entirely unique interpretation of art, the nouveau style and Klimt’s masterpieces. The aim of the collection is to bring these elements together in a modern and edgy way thereby merging high art with ready to wear fashion. It incorporates the use of highly unexpected materials; canary yellow raw silk is combined with black and pewter leather to make for a striking collection. It is the perfect balance of art and function. The combination of dramatic statement pieces and the variety of versatile basics proves to be a strong luxury prêt collection.

“Working so closely within the art world, reignited my desire to pursue my favorite form of creative expression, which is the process of design. I wanted to create a label that was a mix between high art and fashion; the two things I am most passionate about. And that is the signature style of Studio S. The Art Nouveau Movement and the works of the great master Gustav Klimt inspire my debut collection, titled ‘Neo Nouveau.’ Creating this collection has been a labour of love and is therefore very special for me.”