Scoop with trendy and stylish hand bags

Scoop with trendy and stylish hand bags

C’mon ladies its time to spruce up your taste and give some shine to your wardrobe! Get your hands on the latest accessories that would give you gorgeous attire. Other than the clothes, women are downright gaga about stylish accessories out of which hand bags are the imperative one! Accessories not only complement but also refine personalities of the woman carrying it. The markets are flooded with a broad range of fashion equipments from bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, handbags, clutches etc but you got to be very careful to the grab the right piece that would fulfill your demand for looking ultra cool! Handbags are an aid for your fashion statement. Let’s have a look what’s in and what’s not for handbags:

  1. Cluthes:
    Cluthes are super favourite for 2013. With plenty of styles, designs and colours cluthes are very inn. These are small, hand-held bags that are particularly used with evening wears and wedding functions but the fresh wave of street trends shows fancy & stylish clutches in every woman’s hands especially the young college going girls. These days, neon cluthes seems very stylish. Small clutches with embellished minaudières perfectly complete and jazz-up any evening look.

  2. The pouch:
    Pouches are a close contestant for the most popular handbags. This season’s shearling and fur embellished pouch iterations make this slouchy silhouette the ultra-cool day time clutch.
  3. The envelope cluthes:
    Chic and structured, the envelope clutch is a timeless choice to carry both day and night.

  4. Baguettes:
    Baguettes are another popular type of handbags. This is a pretty spacious and stylish bag large in size. It is mostly used by working women.

  5. Satchel:
    This versatile and functional bag is for also used by working women’s. Consider it to be your modern-day briefcase.
  6. Animal print:
    Make a statement this season with a bold-printed bag. Black and white feels especially on point. These days’ animal print bags, clothes and shoes are in demand.
  7. The Shopper:
    Both stylish and spacious, these shoppers can fit anything you need to carry and still look chic



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