Say what! Shah Rukh Khan was offered to play Khilji before Ranveer came on board?


Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s collaboration gave the Indian audiences a movie like ‘Devdas’, but it appears that SRK isn’t keen on working with Sanjay again.

A source revealed, “Shah Rukh is not doing Sanjay’s film anymore. They had several meetings to discuss the scripts in hand last year, but nothing really worked out. SRK politely turned down the movies that were offered to him.”

“Shah Rukh told Sanjay that he wouldn’t be able to spare time because he had given Aanand his word. When some people close to him suggested that he could easily do two films simultaneously, SRK apparently refused saying he didn’t wish to spread himself too thin,” added the source.

In an interview to DNA, SRK had said, “There are two scripts that he’s (Bhansali) offered me. One is a period film and the other isn’t. I don’t know which one we’re doing right now. But these are the only two I have spoken to him about.”

The daily goes on to report that one of the roles which Shah Rukh denied was that of Alaudin Khilji, which Ranveer Singh ended up playing in the much-delayed project ‘Padmaavat’.

The source adds, “SLB and SRK are both extremely professional. They don’t let work affect their personal equation. They are good friends and they remain so. They have promised to work together on something very soon.”

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