Sarwat Gillani and Ahsan Khan inspiring all the parents how to keep their children busy during quarantine!

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Actors Sarwat Gillani and Ahsan Khan inspiring all the fans via their adorable videos with the children. Sarwat Gillani shows her artistic skills and teaching it to her lil munchkins while staying home. During quarantine, it is fairly hard to stay home especially with the children, so it is quite important to indulge them in some kind of creative activity that would stimulate their true skills. The actors are not only spending a quality time with their families but also giving us ideas to keep children occupied during this whole lockdown situation.

Ahsan khan on another hand have been uploading videos in which he is reading Islamic stories to his sons and also urging them to read. This is such a productive way to spend time during quarantine and we should learn a thing or two from our ace actors. Pakistani celebrities have been accentuating the matter through their social media platforms that how important it is to maintain social distancing during corona virus. Making the most out of this time, these actors are surely getting our admiration owing to their responsible behavior.

Here are some videos and pictures you should see to get the idea;

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Starting the preps!

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