Sapphire Mid Summer Sale Madness Pros and Cons


Sales are one of the most wonderful things happens on the planet. We all actually crave for them because it let us buy things which we cant afford on the fresh prices. Its like making our multiple wishes fulfilled from our bucket list.

Lets have a short recap of Previous days, when Sapphire has announced flat 50% on the entire stock for 3 days. All the Aunties and young adults went crazy over this huge discount and rushed to the stores. The stores were flooding with the aunties and girls with the goal to avail this mind blowing sale. Some People got chance to make much benefits from it and some just left empty handed. So here are some Pros and Cons of one of the most hottest sale of the year.

Lets start with the Pros:

1: Highly priced items became affordable for many people.
2: Short dead line brought more people.
3: Generated high profits and sale out the Extra stock.
4: Got viral and earn publicity through the crazy crowd.
5: Even low priced items became affordable for those who cant even think to buy from brands.

Now over to Cons:
1: No doubt we have seen a huge crowd but still many people left empty handed.
2: Many fans and loyal customers got offended as they couldn’t avail it or got a single piece of shirt because of this hassle.
3: May be they could have earned more profit if every one can accessed to it easily.
4: Other stores get effected by the long lines and many people avoided to visit malls because of so much crowd.
5: Employees had to suffer so much while handling those crazy aunties.

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