Sanjay Dutt’s furlough: unfair jurisdiction according to the government officials

Ram Shinde, the Minister of State (BJP), said that he would investigate and look into the preferential treatment that is being given to Sanjay Dutt by the Jail Department, as Maharashtra Government announced to examine the Furloughs of the famous Bollywood star, Sunjay Dutt. He said that if Sanjay is eligible to get a permission for a furlough often, then why don’t other convicted fellows allowed to get one. He said that the goverment plans to analyze the cases of the criminals who apply for the furlough but don’t get one, keeping in mind the facility that allows Sanjay to get discharged temporarily and that too for an extended period of time; according to him makes it unfair  for other convicted fellows.

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“We have information that around four-five other convicts have requested for furlough, but only Dutt has been repeatedly granted the leave. We have to find out under what law he has been granted the furlough.” Shinde notified the media as per our sources. He stated that he would be fair to everybody, and if Sanjay gets a furlough, others should not be stopped to get one. He emphasized that the investigation that is going to be held will be highly unbiased. “We shall not allow this injustice to anybody. The report I have sought will not favor anybody.”, said Ram Shinde.
For enjoying the Christmas and New Year eve, Sanjay has been recently given with the permission to be discharged temporarily. Officials of Yerwada Central jail already granted him fourteen days furlough. Moreover, on Christmas eve, he was witnessed while setting foot into his home. Sanjay captivated a substantial immersion when a screening of the recent super hit “PK” was held especially for him. Held at the Review Theater at Santacruz, the “PK” team made Sanjay to get delighted with the entertainment session along with his family-wife Manyata and kids Shahraan and Iqra; accompanied by “PK” team – lead actor Aamir Khan, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Director Rajkumar Hirani.
Sanjay has already taken leave for several times; one in October 2013 for 28 days, followed by another leave in December 2013 for 28 days, which gave birth to the rising dubiety among the general public. It has lead to the numerous protests. He was made allowed to take the furlough with a plea that he needed to perceive the health of his sick wife Manyata who had been admitted to the Hospital for the sake of unearthing of a tumor. However, when Manyata got seen admiring a party at the same time, it caused people to protest again for the unfair jurisdiction.

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