How did Sana Bucha switch from anchoring to actressing?

Sana Bucha, a well-known journalist and has started her career as an actress. She really got a fame in such a short time period. Like you, we were also curious to know that what happened while showcasing her talent to the cinemas. Sana Bucha tells about her approach towards the silver screen in one of her interviews. She reveals about the scenarios she dealt with while stepping into the film industry. Furthermore, she talks about her first experience at acting and other very interesting things you and us would love to know!
In reality, there’s not as such any struggle Sana Bucha did in opting this particular field of acting but it was her fortune. According to her, “I went to attend the Waar premier and during the intermission, I was approached by Dr. Hassan Waqar Rana who is a writer, director as well as producer by profession. At first our conversation led him to complement my anchoring but as we talked he revealed that he had an upcoming project called Yalghar and that he’d like to have me on board”.
Sana said she laughed at once on his idea of acting but Dr assured her that this would not only be an ordinary acting but she had to portray her real life profession as journalist in the film.
Basically, Sana was offered to play a role of a reporter and Shaan’s lover but the thing which made her worried was working next to the legend star Shaan.
No doubt Sana faced great confusion to say Ok for the film but the major reason she accepted the role was the respect towards Sana and her profession by Dr. Infact he said, “I have two daughters and i would like them to grow up to be like Sana Bucha.” This inspired us then why not Sana. Sana in response appreciated Dr.Rana’s respect towards her profession and also took plunge into production.
Talking about her role in Yalgaar, Sana as Sadia, she asserted,”There was less acting and more show of my personality because this is what i’ve been doing, talking to soldiers and in fact, i’ve even covered the Swat operation and the film has loosely been based on that”.
So basically according to Sana, there was no big difference between anchoring and actressing yet because what she acted in the film was not different than what she does in real life and Dr.Rana was her biggest support throughout.

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