SAMREEN’S CLOSET collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 Day 3

Epitomizing Excellence at Samreen’s Closet!


Samreen’s Closet where precious is priceless.

“My designs are vibrant, ornate and adventurous. I believe that jewellery should make you feel like royalty when you wear it no matter how big or small the piece of jewellery is; it should be eye catching and make the wearer feel special.’’

Samreen’s Closet located in the USA but sold worldwide, is distinctive in its style. It emphasizes on jewellery that is intricate, yet striking, and bold yet feminine. Unusual colours combined with exotic semi-precious stones set the basis for its novel designs. All the jewellery is nickel-free, lead-free, and 24-karat gold plated using the highest standards in manufacturing techniques, thus never compromising on the finish. The unique yet affordable jewels by Samreen are statement pieces that defy the boundaries of time. For Samreen, inspiration begins with a strong emotion. The collection is a true reflection of the richness and diversity of the sub-continent, which reveals the beauty of a woman, as well as her bold and edgy attitude. The royal and the most recent Mughal Collection are spectacular blends of heritage, modernity and craftsmanship. In a short span, the label has become synonymous with setting high standards for style, quality, detailing, design and elegance. The jewellery has a life and identity of its own. The collection of Samreen’s Closet represents a classical, yet contemporary line of jewellery, re-invented to cater to today’s woman.

For Samreen, every piece of her jewellery is very close to her heart, and one that is passionately created from the design stage to the finished stage using the best craftsmen in the country. Most of her pieces are limited pieces and are seldom repeated. Her clientele swears by her finish and keep coming back for more. Her greatest satisfaction is a happy client. Samreen’s jewels are a must have for a lady of Style and Elegance!

“You have to feel to be inspired. Design is not about getting inspired from what you have seen in jewellery, but the process of being able to find design wherever you go. Design can reveal itself to you whenever and wherever – be it through flashes of intuition or thoughts or dreams. It is pertinent to note that human beings think alike but it is their interpretation, which makes a difference. I am inspired through the process of life and my experiences of it.’’

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