Salman tired of PRDP promotion

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Salman Khan’s film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has raked in the moolah in the first week that other films can only dream of, but that doesn’t mean that the star is going to stop promoting it — albeit reluctantly. “Ab bahut ho gaya,” he was overheard saying at a promotional event, referring to the public appearances he has been making for the film. The producers, however, believe it isn’t enough. They are afraid that the negative reviews in the press may overpower bhai’s star power and hence, are coaxing the actor to continue promotions.
Says a source, “Salman bhai thought that they had done enough promotions for the film and Sooraj Barjatyaji agreed. The film’s awesome opening box office figures proved that the film had been sold to the public, too. The reviews, however, have been largely negative and the
producers feel that these reviews may have an adverse effect on ticket sales after the first weekend. They’ve, therefore, advised Salman, Sooraj, Sonam and the PRDP team to continue with the promotions.”
Salman, one hears, is not too pleased with this renewed responsibility of selling his film to the public after he feels it has already been sold enough. “At the moment, we don’t know if he will continue with the publicity or not. He has indicated that he isn’t happy with the idea of more publicity for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo,” adds the source.