Salman Khan shows off devilish side

Salman Khan

Salman Khan seemed to be at his entertaining best at the launch of Bigg Boss season 7. The actor, who is part of the show since four seasons now, speaking about the theme of Jannat and Jahannum said, “I enjoy watching Bigg Boss and I enjoy my association with the show. This year, there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m sure the viewers will have a heavenly experience and the contestants will have a hell of a ride!”

As for himself, Sallu said, “I have both qualities (angelic and devilish) in small portions. The devilish side to me is naughty but not harmful. And the angelic side is obviously good. But some people prefer to focus solely on my devilish side.”

When asked if he is open to hosting other reality shows as well, he says, “Right now, Aamir Khan is doing Satyamev Jayate, if he leaves it, I don’t mind doing it. If Bachchan saab gets bored of Kaun Banega Crorepati, I’ll do that too.”

Salman was recently in the news for his hug with arch rival Shah Rukh Khan. But he clarifies, “Not only me, everyone makes such gestures during the holy month of Ramazan. We shook hands, hugged, agar main nahi karta toh it is not being human. Agar marna hi hai kisiko toh kaam se marenge jaise who abhi maar ke chale gaye. Ek naya ladka aaya hai Ranbir, who bhi maar raha hai!”
The actor has always been a controversial figure, and has notched up negative headlines. “Now my family is used to reading negative stories about me. First they used to get worried. Whatever I do is with my angelic side, but journalists while writing about me, bring out their naughty side. If journalists keep writing good things, readers will get bored. They have to give tadka so I forgive them,” Sallu jibed.
The actor also added, “Journalists keep asking me when I will get married, yeh mere haath mein thodi hai? You need to have a partner for it. Upar wale ke marzi ke bina patta nahi hilta toh biwi kaha se aayegi? Another question that irritates me is that what is the USP of your show or film? Why should people watch it? Abey, isliye kyunki maine film ki hai!”

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