Sajal Aly nominated at LUX Style Awards & 5th HUM AWARDS 2017


Karachi: Sajal Aly has been nominated as Best Actress in a lead role for Gul-e Rana and part of the Best Jori award for Gul-e Rana at the coveted 5th Hum Awards. Additionally Sajal has also been nominated as Best Actress TV for drama for Gul-e-Rana and Best Actress Film for ‘Zindagi kitnee haseen hai’ at LSA 2017. This makes it the 5th time Sajal has been nominated to win the LSA trophy, previously she has been nominated for her roles in Aasmano pay hai likha, Nanhi, Sanata, Khuda Daikh Rahai hai as best actress.

This is also the 2nd time she has been nominated for best actress at HUM Awards, previously she was recognized for her work in Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar.

Sajal gave two power packed performances on the small and the big screen and received a lot of acclaim for her roles last year.

Gul-e-Rana is based on novel Hasti Ka Ahang by Samra Bukhari and is the story of Rana (Sajal) who has had a difficult life, facing abuse and the death of her father. She comes to live with her rich uncle where she meets the flirtatious and narrow minded Adeel (Feroze Khan) who creates a lot of problems for her. In an unfortunate turn of events, Rana has to marry Adeel which is not the end of her troubles. She fights for women’s rights, tries to bring a change in Adeel, but the journey is not easy and she has to suffer throughout.

Sajal spoke about her character as Rana, ‘It was an emotional roller coaster to play Rana. A girl who has nothing to gain from a marriage that is loveless and torturous, but she manages to keep her head high and not play the victim. I think there is much to learn from her character.”

On the other hand, her second nomination for LSA 2017 comes from her debut film ‘Zindagi Kitnee Haseen Hai’, again with Feroze Khan. The film is a love story between Zain (Feroze Khan) and Mahira (Sajal Aly) who get married at a very young age but cannot maintain a healthy relationship despite having a child, as reality of life interferes with their dreams and both part ways. Again the film was a plethora of emotions that Sajal depicted effortlessly, bagging the best actress nomination.

LSA2017 will take place in Karachi on the 19th of April, followed by 5th Hum Awards to be held in Lahore on 29th of April.

With 4 nominations and 2 of the biggest award shows in the country, Sajal has proved that she is one of the front runners of the industry.

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