Saif Ali Khan caught with his pants down

One of the hottest hunks of Bollywood Saif Ali Khan who will next be seen in Happy Ending, is all set to surprise us with one his funniest habits, The actor is already being applauded for his witty character in the film, but he dint leave any stone unturned to show his witty side on the sets too.

Happy Ending is shot at various locations in California, Saif got so use to shooting on the run that the actor made the process easier and started changing at the shooting spot.
The actor saved the entire process of getting back to the vanity van, change and get back to the location.
Director Raj adds “Saif got so comfortable changing at the shooting spot that it almost became a familiar sight of him with his pants down, so i Couldn’t resist taking a pic and saif happily posed!
Well, No one can beat Saif at his witty sense of humor , Hands down……..oops Pants down!
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