Saboor Aly’s video went viral: People are trolling her badly on internet! Read to find out more!

Yesterday saboor Aly posted a video in which a man was cleaning the window pane and the actress along with Sahifa Jabbar made fun of that man doing menial job. She has been highly trolled on internet and on all social media platforms for doing so in such an insensitive way and damaging the privilege of the person regarding the kind of work he has been assigned! 

The ace politician Sherry Rehman also commented on the matter in her recent tweet and condemned the act of this actress for making fun of the guy so brutally. And questioned her social values, asked her to apologize for her behavior. Furthermore, the actress came up to defend herself in this issue by saying this that He was not the window cleaner at all but an asst. director and also her friend and these things are just for fun when you are friends. 

She has been taking opinions about that guy from Sahifa jabbar who mocked him too by saying the he might doesn’t clean up his bedsheet in the morning and after that when Affan waheed was asked about him, he decently reacted that he is doing hard work! 

“The said window cleaner is actually an associate director (AD) of our play with whom we have worked for months. We share a lot of jokes and funny moments. As outsiders one wouldn’t know but at least give the other person benefit of the doubt before you start writing them off as being guilty.” 

“No where have we called him a window cleaner or made fun of any specific profession. What was an inside joke with an individual, has been portrayed as an insult of the profession which was never the intention nor a fact even in the content that’s still on my social media. Frankly these are just not the values I have been brought up with.” 

Here are some tweets by people on her act! 

Salman Junejo 

#SaboorAly ‘s crass humor regarding making fun of a hardworking window cleaner shows that never to forget where one comes from & to stay grounded & humble. Ye toh Allah ki marzi hai jisko jaha rakha hai. New money types, thora sa paisa aajata hai par andar ka licharpana nai jata.

Mahwash Ajaz 

Distasteful comments from Saboor Aly & Saheefa Jabbar Khattak mocking a window cleaner. Tons of respect to #AffanWaheed who simply turned around & said the window cleaner is working hard. We need to take a long hard look at our behavior when we claim we are ‘artists’.


Being very close to the field of production, I know Assistant Directors are treated very poorly in our industry, so I wouldn’t be surprised. However, I dont think this information about who he is changes anything about the fact that the two women in the video are utter crap
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