Saboor Aly dazzled us all by her art work during quarantine!

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Saboor Aly has proved that not only does she has an amazing talent of acting but she is an exceptional artist. She has recently posted a picture on her Instagram in which she is painting and playing with colors. She stated that she was afraid of holding brush after decades but she got that connection that is still there.

Actress is multi-talented as she is brushing up her skills and sharing it with her fans. From cooking scrumptious food for the family to portraying exotic painting, the actress has shocked us all by her hidden talents. Not only her fans, her close friend Kinza Hashmi also commented on her post and was amazed at her talent too.

During quarantine, when we don’t have anything to do, the best thing is to come with your long-forgotten talent and bring into play. That’s exactly our favorite celebrities have been doing all along!

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