Saba Qamar talks about mental health!

Seems like actress Saba Qamar is paving the way to perfection in terms of her acting and content. She had previously pointed out media mongers & hash realities of life in a sarcastic manner. This new episode on her You tube channel is resonating with the present conditions as it slammed down all the people who think depression is mundane and it doesn’t do any harm. Educating people to be more empathetic and kinder towards each other as it affects mental health of other people. Celebrities suffer from it a lot more as they have to take negative criticisms as well and deal with it.

She bluntly criticized the statements that are treated as normal;

“Hum kyun logon kee zati zindagion mein ghustay hein, auron ko apni jaagir samajhtey hein, aur jo dil mein ata bina sochey jumlay kastey hein (Why do we butt into people’s personal lives, consider them our personal property and say whatever we want without thinking of the consequences),”

“How many lives will we take?”, Qamar asks as she lists the names of Anam Tanoli, Rushaan Farrukh, Qurutulain Ali, and Sushant Singh Rajput, all of whose suicide had at one point ignited a conversation around mental health.

She also called out those who associate depression with irrational words and the person feels ashamed of himself;

“Psycho, malang , pagal  jaisay naam detey hein, kyun hum kisi kee madat nahi kartey ( Help others instead of calling them ‘psycho’ or ‘crazy’),” she says. “Kisi ka kisi kay sath comparison nah karo, theek nahi hai yeh ( It’s not right to compare people with one another).”

On work front, the actress has completed her debut movie shoot named Kamli directed by Sarmad Khoosat and soon to be released. She has always been blunt about societal issues and never shied away in creating awareness.

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