Saba Qamar is soon going to launch her own You Tube channel!

Jumping onto the bandwagon, actress Saba Qamar had announced through her social media platforms that she would be soon launching her very own You Tube channel. During the grim times when every one is in dire need of entertainment and want something out of the box, seems like this news has lighten our moods a bit. Saba Qamar has showcased her talent with epitome of perfection whether it be comic roles or intense dramas, the actress has proven her mettle at every level. Her Indian movie had been nominated at Filmfare and got immense appreciation owing to her immaculate acting skills.

Saba Qamar revealed in an interview about his You Tube channel and what it would be about. She stated that it would revolve around her lifestyle,beauty, vlogs,health and confidence and interviews. She has also emphasized on the fact that we should promote young talent as well and that’s exactly she is going to inculcate in her You Tube channel as well in order to learn new skills.

She has intention of producing films and short films as well and that too can be seen on her channel;

“But while we go on, I long to produce short stories and films, which may be considered as ‘non-commercial’ or ‘artsy’ stuff. I hope you guys like what we may do and give me feedback along the way.”

“I am not really interested in only showcasing my life or work but plan to produce, write and create work that is solely my vision. “I’m starting my YouTube channel after a lot of deliberation,” said Saba. “It is not just a subsequent effect of isolation but really a plan to express myself through a new medium and platform. I’ve worked really hard in this industry and feel I’ve learnt a few things along the way.”

Sems like we are going to have an amazing wel defined content coming our way and we are all geared up to embrace it!

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