Saba Qamar highlighted another social issue in her latest You tube video!

The talented actress Saba Qamar has set up a benchmark by creating a YouTube that not only entertains the fans but also educate them sarcastically. She launched another exciting episode on her YouTube channel that encompasses another social issue that we observe in our lives. From talking openly about depression to misogyny persists in society, every subject has been portrayed in a realistic manner with the edge of comic. The facts regarding the desi culture and its impact have been illustrated well by the actress as she shared her fifth episode named Breaking the stereotypes. Trolling the people who valiantly address the purpose behind bringing the Bahus in their homes whether it be liberal household or conservative. “The problem with our society is that there are two types of families which come asking for rishtas – the conservatives and the liberals. But both of them want a maid in the form of a daughter in law who, if educated, can earn for the family and if uneducated, can work for the family.”

Another commonly observed phenomena in society wish to have a baby boy instead of a baby girl and compelled by society to do so; “And if by the grace of God, a granddaughter is born, then that same mother-in-law will not rest until a son turns up. Even if it means the wife ends up giving birth to numerous daughters,”

In prior episodes, Saba Qamar talked about her abusive relationship with her ex and gossip-mongering media. The scenes reflect upon how biased and shallow-minded our society really is and ends off with promoting hashtags, #educateyourminds, #talentmatters, and #shaadikarokaarobarnahi.

It’s time to change our perspectives and break the stereotypes to turn our society into a better place.

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