Saba Qamar acing high & accentuates women empowerment in Cola Next TVC!

When it comes to versatility 7 exceptional talent, actress Saba Qamar is at the top of the list. Fabricating each challenging role with epitome of perfection, the actress has dazzled us by her exhilarating style in Cola Next’s TVC. The advertisement highlights women empowerment via exuding an amazing idea that made us adrenaline charged for all the right reasons. Saba Qamar is at her best in explicitly portraying a strong woman that can achieve anything on her own. It solemnly defines the true aura of captivating actress as she never shied away from exhibiting the valiant version of her no matter what. The concept has been pulled off immaculately and it surely illustrates Cola Next is the next big shot in beverage industry. Keeping all the excitement intact, the advertisement demonstrates that how can you ignite the confidence within and show everyone what you got! #Nextlevel 

Saba Qamar has been spotted wearing some exemplary clothing that shows her distinctive yet bold versions, needed to prove herself in the world. Needless to say, Saba Qamar has elevated the level by bringing into play her charismatic aura and defined this line right; “Level bhara kuch next ker, josh ko apne test ker!” The way it all has been shot, has added a lot to the basic concept of the advertisement as the lady takes control of everything that comes in her way! 

She looks extravagant in bodycon all red jumpsuit keeping her style game strong and showing her powerful stature by fighting with the bad guys. Crafting out her inner strength, the actress finely shows how is it done! Her changing outfits exhibits the challenges she went through and nails them absolutely owing to her graceful personality. Uplifting the overall sequence of the TVC, voiceover has played an eminent role in making us go wowed. 

Pertaining to the energetic vibes of the TVC, Saba Qamar justified her role as the strong woman and urged everyone via her performance to step out of comfort zone ““Kya dunya tumhe batae gi? Tumhara level kya hai?” 

Her whimsical personification of various roles in life and how stunningly she exudes them all left us spell bounded. 

Wearing all red traditional and walking the ramp with grandeur, finely defines how one can attain if he is determined to do so. In another shot, she has been seen wearing all white attire that displays her confidence utterly. 

This advertisement of Cola Next has definitely set the bar high “Aur Level barha dya”!

Digital and pr agency for cola next is kreative sparks

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