Saba Qamar aced her character in Cheekh: “THIS” is the reason why!!!

Most awaited drama on aired with the positive vibes that caught our attention due to its powerful concept and the title for sure “Cheekh”. Cheekh is being produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kazmi under the banner Big Bang Productions and will be directed by Badar Mehmood.

Starring remarkable actress Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam and Ushna Shah, the star studded cast has made us addicted to the screen by their alluring yet captivating acting skills. So how is it so Saba Qamar always manage to ace in her exquisite characters despite of the fact that she is not seen in much dramas but still gives back to back hit. She reveals the secret of her success that she wisely chooses her scripts and do the characters that are relaistic and connects to her. The excitement in the character captivates her rather than monotonous “Achi Beti” type roles. Paising her choice of the characters, we definitely follow the series to see her flawless acting skills. Not only intact to us, she garners praises from the top notch actors of Pakistan that includes his co-star in the drama cheekh, Bilal Abbas!!

Bilal Abbas showers the credit where it’s due as he always appreciates or we would say a big fan of Saba Qamar when it comes to outstanding acting skills.Calls her an institute of acting in herself, he also confessed his content to the script because he always wanted to share screen with Saba Qamar. Got fame from the character in BALA, he has marked his name as one of the astounding actors by his antagonist look which was highly applauded. The screenplay of the drama revolves around the rights of the people and how they should stand for it no matter what. By not giving your dreams and aspirations in the hand of people who are not worth it.

Saba Qamar is simply making up to it by exhilarating acting skills and phenominal portrayal of women empowerment that conveys the message effectively!

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