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Saadi Love Story is its amazing star cast. With a healthy mix of veterans like, Kulbushan Kharbanda,Dolly Ahluwalia and Navnit Nishan; along with the young actors like, our ‘dashing’ Diljit Dosanjh &Amrinder Gill, cute & refreshing Neetu Singh, and sweet Surveen Chawla, the movie is definitely a must watch. Another area where the movie scores brownie points is the ‘absolutely-amazingly-fantabulously’-good looking actor known as, “Diljit Dosanjh”!! The scene when he makes his first appearance in the movie, while riding on his bullet, is brilliantly shot and Dijlit looks suave, with his smashing screen presence!

The film deserves some points in the graphic department as well, and the unconventional camera usage. And now the last good thing about the movie: It’s music!! Jaidev Kumar has done a commendable job here. The placement of background score as well as the songs is also apt. The plot is interesting to begin with. Gurleen(Neetu Singh) apparently is in love with a guy named, Rajveer, and refuses to get married to somebody called, “Vikram”-a guy known to her grandfather (Kulbushan Kharbanda) through one of their family friends. Gurleen’s younger sister- Preeti (Surveen Chawla) is a fan of love stories, and always carries her heart on her sleeves. Brain is something that she either doesn’t have or she simply, refuses to listen to. Although Gurleen’s family is against her decision of getting married to Rajveer, but when the tragedy strikes their family – with Gurleen meeting with an accident and slipping into coma)- the family welcomes anybody posing as their would-be son-in-law, ‘Rajveer’- in their house without doing any kind of verification and of course, patiently, listening to these Rajveers’ love tales (the whole family, led of course, by the ardent fan of love stories- Preeti). Since there are two heroes (Diljit and Amrinder) playing the male leads, it’s mandatory that they first fight each other, then, win the hearts of the Dadiji (Dolly Ahluwalia) and Bhuaji (Navnit Nishan) in the family, and, ultimately, save the entire family’s hearts from breaking (despite all their mischievous antics)!

As far as the performances are concerned, Diljit Dosanjh is a pro at pulling off both comic and emotional scenes and plays his part with effortless ease. Amrinder Gill, struggles with, both, and seems uncomfortable in the role. Amongst the senior actors, Kalbushan Kharbanda gets the meatiest part and has strong screen presence. Navnit Nishan is lively while Dolly Ahluwalia is decent. Ranvijay does remarkably well, in his guest appearance, and Neeru Bajwa, manages to brighten the screen immediately with her sweet smile and Jimmy Shergill- simply rocked!! His entry is grand, magnificent, and electrifying. Among the actresses, Surveen Chawla, looks very good, fresh and her expressions are nice too. Neetu Singh, acts well, expresses herself efficiently, and looks beautiful, and is certainly a good find for the Punjabi film industry.

So, if you want to watch a movie that has got nothing much other than the suave Diljit Dosanjh, some splendid cinematography, two good looking heroines, and wonderful songs, then, Sadi Love Story is the film for you!

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