Rugged Styles For Men In Summer

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Rugged is generally associated with men. Often poets and writers have described a man’s desirable looks as rugged. So, do women really find rugged looks attractive? Rugged as has been described in the dictionary is defined as strong hewn features that are pretty rough and tough. Yes, it has often been associated with the adjective handsome. You find rugged looks handsome, don’t you?

Gerard Butler, Mel Gipson are known for their rugged looks. Their features have definitely attracted more women on this face of the earth. Even today, Johnny Depp ranks as one of the sexiest man on this earth thanks to his demonstration of rugged looks. Ruggedness is not achieved by grooming your facial features or by styling your hair. It runs a little deeper than that! Ruggedness is achieved by overall styling. Yes, you need to style a bit to mature your looks to being rugged. This may include a little spicing up of your wardrobe along with a bit manliness added to your choice of fragrances. Here are a few rugged styles that are doing rounds this summer. Try them out to achieve a bit of ruggedness in your own self.

Step off the Shirts
If you are looking to get the rugged look, you should ideally stay away from work shirts. You should look out for shirts that don’t need to be tucked in, are pretty short and will appear to match the rugged appearance. A cowboy or soldier shirt might seem like a pretty good idea. When you are looking at T-shirts, the ones that you should stay away from is big band T-shirts or ones that carry big designs. Pick up some cool colours. Make sure your top three buttons are left open. Classy and cool T-shirts is the buzz for rugged styles for men.

Blue’s your Favourite
How good can your rugged appearance get if you are not dressed in your classic blue jeans. Whoever said that you need to have a ripped off pant to showcase your rugged style was so wrong. You just need to wear those manly blue jeans that have a proper fitting. You will feel comfortable in the styling and absolute bliss too.

Say no to Skinnies
If you are one of those men who have a wardrobe full of tight fit, skin tight jeans, then probably it is time to say goodbye to your skinny affair. It has lasted long and, cannot prolong when you have decided on being rugged in your styling. Even those tailored shirts are going back in the boxes for donation if you are planning to adapt the rugged looks. You will need strong colours to mark your wardrobe. No more light blues and pinks. It has to be reds and dark blazing blues.

Classic Quotient
Your whole aura should be defined classy by the way you choose clothes. You can go for heavy weave fibers or some vintage clothes to define your new style. It is always good to have something that fills you out.

Classy Shoes
Your tennis shoes do not own that ruggedness. You will need to move on to wearing some classy leather matte finish shoes that will bring out the necessary style. Good brown boots are also quite rugged in their styling.

Mature your Fragrances
It’s rugged that you are defining. You will need to match this style with the ideal fragrance. It is said that the harder your fragrance is, the better it is for your rugged styling. Traditional smells sound good!

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