Romeo Weds Heer – Episode 19: The Moment Arrives!

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After giving us a great block buster Khani, the talented duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are winning our hearts with this mega project Romeo Weds Heer, featuring our heart favorite couple Feroze Khan and Sana Javed. Penned by the most brilliant Dr. Mohammad Younis Butt who owns a legacy of creating hit comedy shows and drama serials, this romantic comedy has made our Sunday the most awaited day of the week. The title track proved to be a signpost how much fun this drama serial is going to be. It’s been for 19 weeks until now that each episode is tingling our funny bones as we spend our Sunday’s 8 o’clock slot laughing and twitching our stomachs.

Both the lead actors are doing a marvellous job in their respective roles, making the depictions look completely flawless and natural. The dialogues, scenes and expressions of the characters are so exceptional that we are simply awestruck!

The attractive couple Romeo and Heer are so full of fun that we can’t get our eyes off of them. Through hilarious tricks, Romeo finally drags his parents to fix his marriage with Heer. Romeo is so in love with his Chulbuli Heer that the differences between their families are not a problem for him. Aw what Love! Romeo’s mother, the beautiful modern doctor Shehnaz, buys a new house for Romeo so that Heer and her parents stay away from her sight. Poor thing! On the other side Heer’s mischievous brother Aflatoon gets her wedding card sample printed on which he advertises Hakeem Luqman’s Dawakhana for people who have problems after marriage. It was the most hilarious part when Heer’s folks don’t seem to have a problem with that. Annoyed by the card and Banquet hall location, Shehnaz forces Romeo to ask Heer to change their minds. It was so humorous to watch poor frightened Romeo rebuked by the bold and dominant Heer.

A kink in this episode involves Faryal. My! What a twist! Always drooling over Romeo, his class fellow Feryal gets furious on the heart breaking news of Romeo’s marriage. Her millionaire father, proposes Romeo for his precious daughter as if he is buying a souvenir. While Shehnaz rejects the idea uttering that Faryal needs a psychiatrist not a groom. The moment we all have been waiting for finally arrives, the wedding. Heer finally enjoys her joyful and colorful mehndi function without Romeo taking part in it. We hope Romeo sneaks out of his mom’s party to join Heer. Let’s fasten our seat belts as we definitely don’t want to miss the upcoming fun filled episodes enclosing the joyful wedding pomps of our adored couple Romeo and Heer

By Asbah Umais