Review: RIO Movie 2011

I never like to have a pet. Never felt like I should have some other creature sitting sleeping and eating with me. But after watching this cute and lovely animated movie I wish to have a “Blu”(a male macaw) too. Who can talk with me, sleep with me be with me all the time. To have someone little cute who waits for you to feed it when you reach home is a real pleasure of life. I am so in love with this new animated movie “Rio”.

From the creators of the “Ice Age” Carlos Saldanha “Rio” is another joy ride. The story is so lovely and touchy that you don’t want the movie to end. Story is beautifully written by Carlos Saldanha and Earl Richie Jones. The film features the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, including Jamie Fox, and many more. Movie shoots hights when Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel(another bird), they head on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro(Brazil).

Story starts in Rio de Janeiro(Brazil) the macaw baby Blu got captured by a bird dealer and he smuggles him to the United States of America. The truck in which Blu is captured, going through the Moose Lake experiences a minor accident. The box in which Blu is kept, falls off the truck and gets trapped on the road. A cute little girl (Linda) finds the frightened bird within the box on the way. She keeps him as her pet and raises him with so much affection. Blu is so loved and cared by Linda, he becomes an intelligent and domesticated bird but unfortunately being far from his natural environment he doesn’t learn to fly. So, after fifteen years, Blu becomes an intelligent and loveable but flightless bird. Linda and Blu spend their time in Linda’s own book shop every day. One day there seem to appear a funny looking Brazilian ornithologist named Tulio in the book shop. Looking for Blu, he explains Linda that he is the last male bird of his species alive now. And he has a female bird, named Jewel, of this species in Rio de Janeiro(Brazil) with him. He invites Linda to travel with Blu to Rio de Janeiro to mate with Jewel and save their kind. First Linda refuses to fly to Brazil to leave Blu alone there with the other bird. But she changes her mind. And Linda and Blu travel all the way towards “Rio de Janeiro”(Brazil). Upon reaching Rio, Blu is left alone with Jewel in an artificially designed cage as a jungle. This cage is built in the institute where Tulio works. So many other birds are also shown to be there in his insitute. Leaving Blu alone in the cage with wildly independent Jewel,Tulio and Linda leaves for the dinner. Blu finds the bird of his dream a beautiful mate and starts liking her. But he discovers afterwards that she wants to escape the cage and hates human. And she shows no interest in Blu. Meanwhile the smugglers break in the institute and steal the precious pair of birds away. Then movie takes an interesting turn, afterwards.


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