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“Cartoon” just another funny word. Honestly I have never watched cartoons since my pre-teen. Recently I get to watch some interesting faces on the TV screen. And I got fascinated by the way an ugly Chameleon was talking, his body language was just so charming! So, I kept watching it. Turned out that ugly looking but extremely stylish character was the animated character of Johnny Depp. What an actor! First he blew my mind in ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. And now he played “Rango”. Yes, the movie is also named after his character.

The animated feature Film “Rango” directed by Gore Verbinski and fantastically written by Gore Verbinski, John Logan and James Ward Byrkit is a perfect joy ride. The characters are just so awesome. The background music is just so enchanting that you can’t divert your senses anywhere. With Spanish violin and romantic guitar tunes composed by Hans Zimmer you get completely into the moods of the movie.

Screenplay starts with a lonely but a very colorful and charming Chameleon acting in front of audience. But it turns out that actually he is alone in his aquarium with only a toy fish. So, he fanaticized himself as an actor who can do anything he wishes as long as he doesn’t lose heart. Terrarium falls from his owner’s car. It gets hit by another car on the road and Rango loses his home and the essential source of his life ‘water’. Now the story takes a turn when he gets lost into the desert with no water at all. Thirsty Rango walks away with his thoughts and a mere brave heart.  On the way he meets a armadillo Roadkill (Alfred Molina) who is seeks the mystical Spirit of the West. He narrowly survived being eaten by a red-tailed hawk. After spending a day, he meets a desert iguana who is ‘Beans ‘voiced by Isla Fisher.  Who’s a rancher’s daughter, and takes Rango to Dirt, an Old West town. There lived poor desert animals with hope of finding water. He attempts to blend in with the population, and reaches a nearby saloon. As he walks in, everyone looks at him with suspicion in the bar. They begin to ask one another to know who he is. Finally the Bar tender asks him who are you?  He finds nothing to tell, put a glance on the word ‘Durango’ written on the bottle of Cactus juice. After seeing, the chameleon claims at his name that is “Rango”. To put an impression Rango attempts to make a phony story that presents him seem like a hero. Suddenly someone asks are you the one who killed some outlaws known as The Jenkins Brothers? Rango claims that yes, he is the one who killed them with just one bullet. Talking about how dramatically and bravely he handled those rebels, a couple of more of them enters the room, led by a lizard named Bad Bill (Ray Winstone). Rango is supposed to get intimidated by them which he was actually, but instead he acted like he had dealt with type of crooks before many times. Afterwards the story is all about how Rango becomes their savior.

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