Review Alert: Ebuzztoday grabbed its hands on some desi traditional cuisines at Sarrak Kinarey!

Weather like this call for some scrumptious piping hot desi cuisines that gives a treat to our taste buds. Sarrak Kinarey is the exotic place to cherish exemplary cuisines with resonating vibes. Spring season is at its full swing and food lovers tend to find the place where there is stupendous roof top, view and on point ambiance. Nestle in DHA, the restaurant serves some eastern foods and desi delights that would elevate your mood even more. Ebuzztoday visited the restaurant and got dazzled by the environ, impeccable décor and desi delectable cuisines. Garnered our praises for all the right reasons, here is the list of food items served to us by the restaurant and we are salivating till now!

Allu ka Paratha:

What’s more captivating than having the tantalizing, crunchy and luscious allu key parathey? The best place to have this cuisine with chuttnies to relish the true traditional vibe utterly.Don’t forget to have hot tea with the parathas. They have variety of parathas and we as Lahoris, look for the taste and they got it.

Bun kabab:

Zingers, sandwiches and grilled burgers are our top favorites but burger lovers get an enticing Bun Kabab, we bet they can’t say no. The restaurant serves heavenly Bun Kababs that would make you drooling over it.

Papri/Samosa chaat:

An astounding rooftop, soothing wind blowing and spicy papri chat is all what you want to make your eve worthwhile. As we are Chaat lovers, the divine taste of it is still fresh in our minds.

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