Revealed! Ranbir Kapoor’s smoking hideout during ISL

What you got there Ranbir? Looks like the Kapoor lad has not succeeded in quitting his smoking habits even though he has earlier been fined for a similar incident. The actor was earlier accused of violating the Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act while shooting for ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ and was fined for the same. 

Ranbir has recently taken co-ownership of football team Mumbai city FC which is participating in the Indian Super League. The actor has been spotting at various ISL matches and we are guessing at the recent FC Goa vs Mumbai FC match that was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Ranbir look a little break and went to take a puff in what seems to be a terrace overlooking the football field. The actor crouched below the line of sight to evade the public eye. The match was a goalless draw and Ranbir seems to be resorting to a quick drag to balance the football frenzy.
Gotcha! Ranbir takes a quick drag
With enough controversy already shrouding Ranbir’s life, the actor chose a secret hideout to smoke the cigarette. Infact the picture is cutesy and reminscient of all our adolescent years when we have been caught smoking in secret lairs behind the house or in dingy lanes near college. 
Even though it’s said being scared is half the fun, we say it’s time to kick the butt Ranbir!
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