Reasons why Nescafe Basement 5 can be branded as Pakistani Music revival!!

Bringing out the raw talent to the exclusive musical platform is the benchmark that has solemnly associated to Nescafe basement and we are so grateful to the team to compose such astonishing compositions via youngsters on board! Talking about the distinctive edge they brought to the musical arena, the Nescafe Basement encouraged millions of young talent to show their spurring talent to the world without spending much to get that attention. In spite of the fact that most of the musicians belong to different genres but here we see the surreal effort done by Xulfi to merge the talent in such a way that it resonate just perfectly and comes out with the desired result!

Auditions held in various cities of Pakistan and selected 73 lucky candidates to showcase their exclusive musical style, Nescafe Basement has provided platform to all those who deserve to fabricate their skill!

Ebuzztoday team had listen to the ace songs composed and aired by Nescafe Basement season 5 and we can’t stop ourselves but to praise the amazing talent we have in our country undoubtedly.

From Mehbooba to Teri Yaad, every single song produced curates a different realm of music! Here are the list of best songs that compelled us to say that yeaaa! This season is bringing back the immaculate essence of music Industry as we are knocked down by exemplary performances of young talent!

Bol hu-Hadiya-youngest talent:

She has done the job just right as we cannot believe she is just 9 year old girl with mature and exceptional voice quality and hit the internet with the bang! Bol hu is the song that has gotten us all by the soulful voice of this young lady.


Shahzad ali has casted his spell in this song with sheer opulence. Wrapped us all by his soothing voice, lyrics that are enchanting and composition that is mind-blowing! Raanjha illustrates the passion of a lover!!


Xulfi puts just enough spin on the 2002 hit. Contrary to other covers we’ve heard in recent times, Nescafe Basement’s Mehbooba ticks all the right boxes. “I LOVED this version of my song Mahbooba,” Haroon himself. My original was launched in 2002 and this excellent version comes 16.5 years after the original. Time flies.”

Teri Yaad:

Ali Khan has already made his mark as one of the top notch singers, when Xulfi heard the song Teri Yaad and decided to remake it with different musical chords at one platform! And wao it turned out to be classic.

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