Reasons why Mahira Khan is giving advice to ones in depression!

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Pakistani and International diva Mahira khan recently took to Instagram during her question and answer session with the fans to interact and also advised the people how to cope up with the treacherous condition like depression. Her steady stance against this condition reveals a lot about her take towards the situation and how much she is aware of the fact that it should be treated properly and something to be talked about openly without hesitation and she is right tat every ground via her conversation with the fans as she elaborates utterly that how people should get it cured before it gets worse, ‘Don’t be afraid of getting help. Ask questions. Read. Reach out to people. There is no shame in reaching out for help. Sometimes talking therapy helps. Other times meds do. But it’s important to go to the right people who can guide you through it,’ 

The veractress is recently working in a movie Superstar along with Bilal Ashraf as her costar and while talking to her fans she also shared the glimpse of the movie to make us all adrenaline charged! 

She is also going to cameo in Parey Hut Love and definitely play a great role in the success of the movie by her sheer grandeur!