Reasons that might have influenced Hamza Ali Abbasi’ decision to quit acting!

A well-celebrated actor and socialite, Hamza Ali Abbasi has a captivating persona that compels everyone to follow his footsteps. Pertaining to his fascinating vocals, extravagant acting skills and his perspective regarding political matters, people admire his versatility and tends to imitate him. Lately, the actor made waves on internet with the simplest wedding nuptials and exemplary honeymoon clicks. Before heading to his honeymoon, the actor took off from social media and stated that he will come up with something big after a month and so he did!

He had made video on about his coming up ventures and how distinctive they are going to be! He made a long-awaited announcement that he is soon going to quit the entertainment industry and acting. He would rather spend some time preaching Islam. Nonetheless, he would come back with the projects that would accentuate Islamic teachings and subjects related to Islam!

His sudden conversion to entirely different realm has left us all spell bounded and we are appreciating his change. But there are certain factors that allow us to speculate the reasons regarding the decision made by ace actor.

1.As he stated in the video as well that he had researched a lot about Islam and it’s respective teachings. So that might be the reason he wants to quit acting and pave his way towards betterment.

2. The wedding nuptials were extremely simply and we were in an awe to see an ace actor celebrating his wedding event in such subtle way. Resonating with the teachings of Islam, the actor seems to be inspired by our original roots.

3.We always felt that the actor has deep understanding of political matters and shares his profound thoughts about it so we can get the hint that his intriguing nature must have played a vital part in searching the purpose of life.

4.The peace and serenity that we find in our religion’s teaching, cannot be found in the field of glitz and glam. It might have happened that he has been enlightened spiritually by the fascinating teachings of Islam and he made decision to inculcate it in his life.

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