Reason why we can’t get enough of these on-going Pakistani dramas: Must follow them if you are drama lover!

Pakistani Entertainment fraternity has been evolving and brewing in terms of valiant content, professional directorial skills and commendable acting chops. Loved and applauded by audiences overseas as well, we are now heading to the ultimate perfection. Despite the fact that most of the audience has moved to social media platforms for entertainment but significance of dramas is still intact. Portraying the real image of prevailing society and the matters that affect our lives somehow are being immaculately illustrated in Pakistani dramas and there is no denying it. Recently, we have witnessed the canvas of drama content expanding and taking in issues that are not spoken of.

Here is the list of on-going dramas that have taken our attention and made all the drama lovers follow them religiously!

Mere Pas tum hu:

Representing a prominent issue in society, wives forcing their husband to take bribe in order to have better standard of living. Ayeza Khan portrayed this character in a realistic way and Humayun Saeed, deeply in love with her wife, can’t say NO! Ultimately her greed leads her to worse consequences! This drama is relatable to many families in our society and a truth that cannot be overlooked!


Sajal Aly and Hamza Ali Abbasi channeling exquisite roles in this drama and we are going to witness some love chemistry between them on screen. Despite of their distinctive characters, we would see the story evolve and how perfectly the drama is portraying the spiritual vibes.

Ehde Wafa:

A drama by ISPR, Ehde Wafa had been making waves on social media due to it’s army related content and strong friendship bond. Definitely highlighting the patriotism via exceptional storyline and screenplay. It inculcates love stories, passion, valour and patriotism which is much-admired by viewers.

Naqab Zun:

An issue which continues in our society but people are shy away from discussing it. Brother-in-law raped her sister-in-law and got the power to hide it anyway.


A story revolves around a married couple but their lives get affected by an immoral blasphemy “Cheating”. Naveen Waqar,Ali Rehman and Ushna Shah are playing their characters explicitly and immaculately!

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