Reason why Imran Khan emphasizing us all to watch THESE Turkish series during quarantine: celebrities supporting him!

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During lockdown and quarantine, people are finding best ways to spend time and also to use this time in a productive way. What’s more productive than to acknowledge our own roots and admire our achievements as Muslims? We are prone to watch seasons and videos that are just killing our time and nothing else. So why not we opt for something that brings us closer to what we really are? Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged youth to focus on their history and get to know our true Islamic values via informative documentaries and series. A hit Turkish Drama series named Dirilis Ertugrul based on true Islamic achievements, it depicts the culture, Islamic teachings and reality that we all should be aware of as Muslims. Imran Khan provoked people to use this quarantine time perfectly by watching these kinds of overwhelming series that would eventually add up in their information regarding Islam and its perception.

Faisal Javed Khan has also shared Imran Khan’s stance over promoting Islamic content rather than going for Hollywood or Bollywood movies;

This is what he stated;