Does he really look like Karan Johar? Karan Johar speechless on this tweet!

Do you remember Ranveer Singh’s Lookalike from Faisalabad and Emraan Hashmi’s Doppler from Peshawar ? Well, the purpose of reminding of those stories is that we have found another lookalike of Bollywood Celebrity in our Homeland. Recently, a guy named Usman khan Tweeted with his picture and send it to renowned director of Bollywood Karan Johar “People say I look like Karan Johar!”

“Few tweets leave me speechless. This is one of them,” Johar responded to Khan’s tweet.

Usman Khan lives in Pakistan and has recently claimed that he looks exactly like ace Bollywood film-maker Karan Johar. It is not that shocking to witness such things as we are just border far and we have Asian looks so it is quite expected to come up with these kinds of coincidence.

And needless to say, it left us and the Takht director ‘speechless’.

To put in a funny way, Karan Johar is taking it quite in a light way and in good mood which is quite interesting.

Karan Johar the director of takht is showing some positive attitude towards this tweet from an ordinary guy and we can say it has gone viral.

Many people commented on the tweet as well and has dropped some fascinating ideas about this.some says that you resemble him so much that you are his mirror image and some one is giving idea to KJ to launch him in your biopic and that is quite hilarious.

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