Rapper Eminem is known for his edgy music, which generally includes explicit lyrics and controversial themes. That’s why last week’s media report alleging that the performer has become a born-again Christian sparked so much interest.

While it was enticing for many to pounce on the idea that the formerly-troubled star would have a “come to Jesus” moment, the entire notion of an intense spiritual transformation is based on an unnamed source who was cited on the web site AllHipHop.com.

“I heard a doozie recently and I’m not sure that I can believe that its completely true,” the article announcing the rumor about the purported conversion read. “On the flip, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was. Eminem has been evolving a lot over the last few years. We’ve seen it. Maturity. Sobriety.”

The rumor, based on a source from Detroit, Mich., claims that the rapper is removing himself “further from the depths of the music industry.” This action, which has purportedly had an impact on his business ties and the acts he works with, is allegedly predicated upon the conversion to Christianity in which the rapper is said to have turned his life over to God.

This story wasn’t only reported on the hip hop blog, though. Other outlets like The Christian Postand the blog and opinion section of The Huffington Post also explored the alleged faith transformation. Following the story’s circulation, TheBlaze decided to investigate the shocking claim. We made several calls and sent e-mails to an Interscope Records representative who work with “Slim Shady” (one of the rapper’s stage names).

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