Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty collaboration proved to be massive hit: Simba ended the 2018 year on a high-note! Great round of applause!!

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Rohit Shetty is known for his masala entertainment in Bollywood Industry, and after watching the movie Simba we kept on thinking about the fact that why they ain’t paired up earlier, duuh! Well, all we can say that at last they are together and resonating to brought a breath of fresh air to the fans. Simba, a story of a corrupt policeman turned righteous, hit the screen at the end of the year with the bang! Woohoo, thoroughly relished the fabulous scenes exhilarating the emotions to the point where we couldn’t resist but to praise the acting skills, dialogue delivery and action sequence that kept our attention to the story line much more than we expected!

Let’s talk about the things that ruled the movie throughout or should we say save the ship from drowning. Ranveer Singh, the sole reason for every movie lover to take the voyage of this anticipated movie and he definitely did not disappoint any one of his fans, cheers to that right? The storyline and screenplay was quite predictable but that’s what makes Rohit Shetty different from the rest as he molds the simple plot in such a manner that it incorporates everything. From Comedy punch lines to the emotional sensations that is the formula of a successful movie. Ranveer Singh on point changing expressions and unscrupulous attitude makes him a treat to watch. Taking bribes from goons and making money by getting authority as a policeman has taken us by storm. The comic element for sure elevate his character to the height of perfection and he is definitely made to order actor for these kind of valiant yet cunning roles. In the first half of the movie, all seems to be quite hilarious and Simba’s love story started off with Sara Ali Khan  but the second half would leave you depressed as it revolves around the sensitive issue of rape and murder. That’s the turning point of Ranveer Singh’s character as the girl raped had an emotional connection with him.

Despite of the fact that he had to bear heavy consequences going against the goons he had been taking loads of bribe from, he rebelled and the people screamed in joy! Expected though, but still Ranveer Singh had given the best of his acting skills as it portrays his volcanic energy on screen pretty well!so the justice prevailed at the end as the court failed to punish the culprits so Simba had to take things in his own hands. Furthermore, the thing that people had been waiting for, yeah the bashing Cameo of Ajay Devgan saving Simba from the Villain (sonu sood).Watching them in one frame, made the crowd in the cinema go crazy for this sight!

Music, on the other hand, did not do much for the movie as two of the songs were remake of the originals and others were not that much impressive. Another aspect that lacked the element was the process by which justice is done! If you want to cherish an exciting movie without any deep thought undermine than this is the movie to watch with your family and friends. Ranveer Singh has predominantly raised the bar by bringing into play his valiant aspects into the movie.