RANI EMAAN collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 Day 3

Rani Emaan is a multi-national brand worn by sophisticated women in South Asia, the UK and USA. Rani Emaan’s USA outlet is in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. Currently, her collection is displayed in New York, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore. They also exhibit at international fashion shows organized by and for professional South Asians in the USA, and at trade exhibitions globally.

To say “Rani Emaan is noteworthy”, is an understatement. It is an original force in the industry and the designs set a distinct mood, and outline the finest trends each season. The brand turns out collection after collection brimming with creative variations and clothing marvels. At one time it excavates the classical pitta work, at the next it takes us on a journey through the most contemporary designs. Rani Emaan is one of the finest brands for bridals, and not just bridals, but also for formals, semi-formals, party wear and ready-to-wear and very soon they will also cater to men with their exclusive male line.

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