Raheem Shah Performs at Mehfil-e-Mausiqi organized by PNCA

Islamabad—Popular singers Raheem Shah and young singers Moon and Fareeha enthralled the fun lovers here late Monday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts during a live concert.

The show entitled “Future and Traditions” was a part of PNCA’s programme “Mehfil-e-Mausiqi” for promoting musical heritage of the country and providing high quality of entertainment to the audience of the Federal Capital.

The melodious singing by the popular stars made the people become ecstatic, compelling them to join in the fun, feel the thrill of it and fully enjoy themselves to the content of their hearts.

These programmes easily provide moments of joy and delight to music lovers while the melodious songs sung by renowned artistes showing their verstality have become real crowd pullers.

The people have found it a real opportunity to listen with rapture to the singers brought together by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

“Such musical evenings besides making the people aware of their cultural heritage, introduce them to the rich talent which rightly should be a matter of pride for the country,” said the organizers.

PNCA has been arranging programmes for promoting both the visual and performing arts for the residents of the Federal Capital who in the past had yearned for getting such opportunities to enjoy themselves.

Raheem Shah, a leading Pakistani pop singer exhibited his verstality by singing Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi songs and was awarded with loud applause by the appreciative audience as the talent made it known to the audience the reason for winning fame.

The budding singers of Chotay Ustad also impressed the crowd. They are the talented kids who brought laurels to the country during their childhood by participating in international competitions.

Chotay Ustad is not only a singing talent hunt, but it also conveys a message of peace for the peoples of India and Pakistan.—APP

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