Procter & Gamble normalizing equitable hiring for PWD’s in Pakistan!!

Acknowledging the fact that disabled people in our society tend to suffer and face hurdles when it comes to job opportunities. There are around 31 million people in Pakistan who are having disability and are able to get their desired recognition as an individual. It’s high time to change this mind set and inculcate these “disabled” in our society’s tedious bandwagon in most respectful manner. Creating platforms and opportunities to flourish their utmost talent, renowned brands like Ariel & Safeguard have outdone in terms of empowering PWDs and paving their way towards a good living.

These aforementioned brands have hired 4 talented people with disabilities set a benchmark for others to follow. These personals are using their talents in forming their personality and contributing big to society. Turning down all the adversities by their unique skills, there is nothing holding them back now. Both female and male personals are working hard in their respective fields while fulfilling their dreams ultimately. These individuals are provided with the best of training including sign language, technological solutions & ease of commute.

It’s a highly appreciative initiative by P&G for taking into account this matter and making ways for people with disabilities to have a certain stature in society. Ariel and Safeguard have proved it again that they are indeed concerned about masses. Normalizing the hiring of PWDs equitably, P&G has manifested a true picture and clearly set an example by building up an environment suitable for PWDs in Pakistan.

A though provoking act!

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