Priyanka Chopra’s brief for Babli Badmaash: “No skin show”

Priyanka Chopra


Music director Anu Malik, who gave the music for Priyanka Chopra‘s first item number Babli Badmaash in Shootout in Wadala, says the actress did not want vulgar words or skin show in the song.

“I believe they made a lot of songs that didn’t click with Priyanka. Those songs were made by various composers and were rejected by Priyanka. Her brief was that she doesn’t want any vulgar words and or skin-show,” Malik told PTI.

The musician was not the first choice for the music in Sanjay Gupta directed film. Gupta initially called him to do only one song but he ended up doing three songs including the item number.

On how the concept of Babli Badmaash came about, Malik said, “We were sitting in Sanjay Gupta’s office with lyrics writer Kumar. Suddenly I had a vision of Priyanka in front of me. She is really bubbly. So I used the word Babli.”

The music director, however, believes that a superstar cannot ensure the success of an item number because a catchy tune/music contributes equally to its popularity.

Talking about Priyanka’s reaction to the song, Malik said, “Priyanka had called us to her house after listening to the song. She said, ‘I got up humming this tune. Priyanka has a great ear for music.”

The music director, who has given memorable songs like Chamma Chamma to Urmila Matondkar, Goriye Chali to Shilpa Shetty, hopes Priyanka will come to be known as ‘Babli’.

Malik believes the secret of his more than 30-year long career in Bollywood is his ability to churn out music that public likes.

“I make catchy, easy music which the public can grasp easily. Making an easy song is very tough. I believe in working very hard on the mukhda. The first four lines of the paragraph are the king. Indian public loves the mukhda.”

Malik’s next film is Hera Pheri 4.

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