Priyanka Chopra to drop in to Pakistan: Imran Abbas invitation

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Imran Abbas, a 32-years-old star, who has made a Debut in Bollywood movie, “Creature 3D”, while hosting an Indian award show on the New year’s night, has invited the Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra to visit Pakistan. He flirted with the lady as she came on stage to receive the Most Entertaining Actor in Social Drama Award for her title role in “Mary Kom”.

Abbas while co-hosting the show with Sunil Grover said, “There are many beautiful faces other than yours alas. What else would one see after looking at you” and privileged Priyanka with a red rose on his and his country’s behalf. Priyanka appreciated the good words Abbas spoke to him and responded with the “Adaab” in the great ancient style, and as she left the stage Abbas added, “It would be our deepest wish that you’d visit Pakistan to receive the whole bouquet.”