Priyanka Chopra: Only a few like Kangana Ranaut can take a stand of not attending award shows!

Kangana Ranaut won several accolades for her spectacular performance in Queen this year. Ironically, this was also the year when she decided to boycott award shows quite like Aamir Khan. While many don’t agree with Kangy’s stand, Priyanka Chopra is one of the admirers of her decision.

In an interview Priyanka was quoted saying, “I appreciate Kangana for taking a stand. Many of us in the industry think about it but only a few can take a stand of not attending award functions. Also my favorite film this year was Queen apart from Mary Kom.” PC won many Best Actress awards this year but Kangana was a tough contender for her on every step of the way. At Filmfare Awards 2015 recently, Ms Ranaut won the Best Actress award. But PC holds no grudges against her and genuinely admires her work.

Deepika Padukone was also seen dedicating her Entertainer of the Year award to Kangana at an award show recently. Kahaani actress Vidya Balan too was quoted saying, ” I always had a liking for Kangana. I think she is an extremely bold and brave person and that is why she is like that in her films too.”

With all the support Kangana is getting from her contemporaries from within the industry, it is sure that she is on the right path! We cannot wait to see more of her in 2015!