Preeti Desai thinks of going non-glam

Preeti Desai had a bit role in ‘Shor In The City’ but managed to make her presence felt as a model and the face of quite a few commercials and ad campaigns. This pretty much was in synch with her real life as well, what with her beauty queen background.

However despite being a model, Preeti isn’t hung up on playing any glamorous roles though. Happy to play a part that may require her to go non-glam, she is up for a challenge as long as her presence in the film adds value to the narrative.

“It is not so much about looking glamorous but more about the character that I would be playing in my subsequent films,” Preeti comes up with a statement that does sound pretty standard actually, “I would be happy to do something totally different from what I am actually in daily life. In any case since I have been a model, it is quite easy for me to get into a glamorous role. Real fun would be to do that nice juicy character based role which brings the performer out of me.”

Well Preeti, guess for now being glamorous for screen would please many out there. We can wait for the performer in you to emerge after a while!

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